Goldberg Media & Communications Program

The Wendy and Leonard Goldberg Media & Communications Program, nestled in the westernmost end of Fisher Hassenfeld College House in the Quad, is open to students in any major or academic field and provides ample space to live and work. The program is centered in Foerderer, McKean, Baldwin, Class of 1887, and Craig – known collectively as Goldberg House, with the nearby Goldberg Media Lounge serving as the principal public space. Named for film producer Leonard Goldberg and his wife, Wendy Goldberg, the program draws members who share an interest in media with a particular emphasis on film, all forms of communications media, including broadcasting, publishing, journalism, digital media, marketing and public relations, and political communication.

The Goldberg Media & Communications program for the academic year 2024-25 will have a primary focus on film. Residents in this program collaborate to determine movie screenings and design discussions prompted by the film screening for the Goldberg House. In addition, the program can sponsor trips to movie theaters promoting current films.  For residents interested in broadcast media, public relations, and journalism the program can also support meetings and facilitate conversations with local Penn-based and Philadelphia region professionals in these industries.

Goals: This program aims to provide first-year students with a community interested to develop further their media communication and leadership skills by engaging with film, journalism, media, and public relations as a common ground to explore and create a positive social impact in the House and beyond.


Contact: Ebonish Lamar, Fisher Hassenfeld House Director,

To Apply to this Program:

Submit an online housing application and list this program as one of your top two choices. You're required to submit an essay as part of the Residential Program application process. Follow the essay prompt as indicated in the application. The essay questions are: Explain your interest and activities related to the program, the contributions you expect to make to the community, and the benefits you hope to derive from membership.

You can also visit the Program Community page for additional information.