Welcome to Penn and your new home in Fisher Hassenfeld College House CLASS of 2024!!

As one of the first residential buildings on Penn’s West Philadelphia campus, Fisher Hassenfeld College House has a long history of being a center of the student community. Our small halls facilitate students getting to know each and establishing life long friendships; our great outdoor space provide opportunities to relax, play and study.


Our residential faculty and staff offer a great range of resources and programs to help you meet other students, make new friends and expand your horizons. From study breaks to ‘Paper Doctor’ sessions, Affinity Spaces, pancake and hall dinners, reading day massages, career and academic counseling, quad–wide weekly “Dinner With Interesting People”, Dinner For Ten, Talk to Me Tuesdays, informal discussions and residential living programs, we strive to create an engaging, comfortable, intellectually exciting and socially enjoyable community and home where we interact with and learn from one another and the greater Penn and Philadelphia communities.


We are an innovative college house that uses student ideas to develop new activities, media facilities, music rooms, movie nights, seasonal BBQ, Sunday brunches, major dinners, community service projects, Linvilla Trips, holiday celebrations, late night cafe and more.


FH sponsors activities ranging from informal discussions with faculty and national leaders, community service programs, in house courses, informal house events and social, sporting and cultural programs throughout Philadelphia.


So check the weekly "FH Chronicles" email newsletter and the bathroom edition - FH Chronicle to keep abreast of House activities. Look out Soon for our First Newsletter of the year!!


We look forward to meeting and getting to know you and to you becoming an active member of the Fisher Hassenfeld family.


Dr. Betsy Rymes, Faculty Director

Ebonish Lamar, House Dean