The Fisher Hassenfeld Way: Our Philosophy


3 Tenants of the Fisher Way…


1. Community Empowerment

Living and Learning with others in your community is the Residential Experience! Living and learning involves exposure to different belief systems, values, backgrounds and life experiences. Living and Learning together allows for community members to set community standards for how they will operate within the house. Living and Learning holding community members responsible for their actions and accepting responsibility for ones actions. Living and Learning is encouraging community members to become engaged and responsible adults within a diverse society.

Community Empowerment is a collective belief that the different aspects of Living and Learning truly makes a community successful. Therefore, community members adhere to and accept the responsibilities associated with maintain the successful community.


2. Personal Empowerment

Living in a community not only provides opportunities for residents to engage with others but it also allows for personal self-exploration and growth. The most successful and impactful community members are those that have a good sense of “The Self”. The Self allows residents of Fisher to explore their personal values, decision making capabilities, social networks and an opportunity to craft the person they want to be. Fisher residents are presented with numerous opportunities to put the Self into Action through health and wellness programs/discussions, safety precautions and the freedom of authenticity through relationship building.

Personal Empowerment is the belief that care of the self is one of the pathways to success for academic and social transition. Therefore, Fisher residents commit to creating a life that supports personal well-being.


3. Inclusive Practices

Fisher Hassenfeld is a wonder world of differences and similarities! Living and Learning together provides residents an opportunity to surround oneself with different perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, identities while exploring their own individual culture and backgrounds. Through exposure of difference, comparison of similarities and self-exploration Fisher residents will create and live in a community that promotes the concept of stepping outside ones comfort zone in an effort to understand the “Other”.

Inclusive Practices is an approach to community building that recognize the diverse nature of residents, by providing an opportunity for all residents to actively participate, engage, and to feel included through intentional programming, discussions, making social connections, addressing bias, and interacting with each other.