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Collection Boxes, Charity Boxes and Fundraisers

  • You must receive permission from the House Dean at least 2 weeks prior to the collection.
  • Charity Drives and collection boxes are reviewed on a first-come, first serve basis and are subject to approval by a House administrator.
  • Collection boxes must be clearly labeled and be large enough to hold the items requested, but not so big as to create a blockage in the mailroom.
  • Only one collection/charity event may take place in Fisher Hassenfeld at a time.
  • Fisher Hassenfeld reserves the right to cancel or deny a collection box/charity request at any time.
  • Collections may last no longer that 2 weeks but may be approved for shorter times than two weeks.
  • Collection boxes must be emptied daily.
  • Collection Boxes may be put only in the mailroom.

Grill Usage

Rules for the Grill

  1. Do Not use Lighter Fluid! 
  2. Use the Chimney in the grill kit for best results. (see instructions below)
  3. Clean up properly (see instructions below)
  4. Hours are 10 am – 10 pm.
  5. Wait for grill to cool down prior to closing and relocking it. Once it is cool, lock it and return the key to the info center.

Grill instructions:

A charcoal fire takes 30-45 minutes to reach the proper cooking heat after you light it. You can tell when the coals are at proper cooking temperature because gray ash will form evenly over the briquettes.

As a general rule, plan on using about 30 briquettes to cook 1 pound of meat. A five-pound bag contains 75 to 90 briquettes. Make sure you have enough briquettes to cover the grill pan in a single layer, extending about 2-3" beyond the area of the food on the grill. First place the briquettes in the grill pan to check for quantity, then remove to place in a chimney starter.

To get the charcoal started, use the Chimney provided in the grill kit you are given in the info center. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open the trap door on the grate (or remove grate completely)
  2. Place crumpled newspapers or a square of the grill starter in the bottom portion of the starter.
  3. Fill the top chamber of the chimney with charcoal. 
  4. Then light the newsletter or fire starter through holes in the bottom of the starter. The fire will draw
  5. up through the starter, lighting the charcoal.
  6. Leave the chimney starter where it is, and in about 20-30 minutes the coals will be ready.
  7.  With the mitt provided, carefully empty the coals into the grill pan.
  8. Arrange the coals into an even layer with long tongs.

Clean Up

  • Take any trash to the trash room
  • Leave coals in the grill to cool
  • Clean any tongs or utensils and return them to the info center with the chimney and the oven mitt

Music Room
The music room’s primary function is as a place the music department to offer lessons to students at a reduced rate. For more information visit the music department website.

The music room will be reserved by the music department for these lessons and the schedule will be posted. During these times, no one is permitted to use the music room. The music room cannot be reserved ahead of time, but is on a first come, first serve basis. They key for the music room can be checked out at the FH info center and must be returned within an hour. Failure to return the key will result in loss of privileges to use the music room plus a $200 lock change fee.  The music rooms are next to and below student rooms, so please be considerate of residents as you practice. No drums are allowed in the music room and amps may only be used from 9 pm – 6 pm M – F and 12 noon – 8 pm Sat/Sunday and on low volume. The music room is not meant as a place for student groups to rehearse, Platt Students Performing Arts House is available for that purpose.

Pool Table Usage

  • DO NOT MOVE THE POOL TABLE. Moving the pool table could result in a shift in the slate top and break it.
  • This table is to be used for pool only, not as a study table or for any other use.
  • Do not stand or sit on the table as this may also cause damage to the slate, seams or legs and cause it to be rendered unusable.
  • Check out equipment for use from the Info Center.
  • When the info center is closed, the pool table is closed.
  • Return all equipment to the info center when done with use.
  • Please use short sticks on ends to avoid breaking windows.
  • Use only the charcoal colored chalk provided for cue sticks, do not use any other colors as they will stain the cloth.
  • Use sticks, balls, triangles and bridges only for the use they were intended.
  • Do not use this for trick shots, any damages done to felt or the table will be billed to the student causing the damage.
  • Report any problems, damages or other concerns to the info center immediately.
  • Cover table when done.

Posters and Fliers

This policy covers posting within the Penn College Houses. Posting on floors or in lobbies requires the approval of each House Office.  Postings and notices in these areas are reserved for the College House, CHAS, Residential Services and Facilities.  Any exceptions to this may only be granted by College House staff.   

If interested in posting on floors or in lobbies, you have three options:

Option #1:  Bring the following number of flyers or posters to the appropriate House Office for posting by staff:

  • Du Bois:  8
  • Fisher-Hassenfeld: 24
  • Gregory:  12
  • Harrison: 24
  • Harnwell: 24
  • Hill: 17
  • Kings Court Eng: 16
  • New:  10
  • Riepe: 22
  • Rodin: 24
  • Sansom West: 15
  • Stouffer:  13
  • Ware: 25

Option #2:  Bring 234 posters to the CHAS Central Office in Stouffer Commons for dissemination to all House Offices.  The front desk will pass on the items.

Option #3:  Open posting by students and groups is available only in certain locations and on designated public boards:

  • Du Bois:  upper lobby bulletin board
  • Gregory:  no open posting at this time
  • Hill: no open posting at this time
  • Kings Court English: boards facing mailboxes on first floor; board near bike rack; boards on ground floors facing elevators
  • High Rises (Harnwell, Harrison, Rodin, and Sansom West):  residential floors including roof top lounge on the designated side of the elevator bays
  • New:  dining center bulletin board
  • Quad (Fisher-Hassenfeld, Riepe and Ware):  all exterior (courtyard) bulletin boards
  • Stouffer:  no open posting at this time

A few general guidelines:

  • Leafleting under doors and soliciting are prohibited within all residences
  • No more than one or two copies of a poster may be placed on an open board and should be promptly removed when information is outdated. 
  • Posters should not exceed the size of 11 x 17 inches
  • Posters may not be placed on top of existing posters
  • Posting is not allowed in stairwells and elevators

* Think before you post.  College Houses defend the right of free speech and expression on campus and actively promotes the civil exchange of ideas. In the spirit of the latter aim, students are urged to reconsider creating and distributing posters or flyers containing material or language that could be construed as malicious toward or dangerous to other responsible members of the University community.  

** Unauthorized posters may, at the discretion of residential staff, be removed. In all cases, the above policy will be implemented within the framework and spirit of the Code of Student Conduct, which defines the general rights and responsibilities of student citizenship in the Penn community, and where appropriate, the Charter of the University of Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary System, which sets forth the processes for disciplinary action against students and organizations. Pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct (Sec. III.d), "the content of student speech or expression is not by itself a basis for disciplinary action," and no posters shall be prohibited or restricted solely on the basis of their content, except when they may violate other applicable laws or regulations.


Quiet Hours

All on-campus residences adhere to 24 Hour Courtesy hours.

Courtesy Hours serve as a reminder to all residents of the primary rights to sleep and study within residential communities.  Residents are expected to exercise courtesy when playing music or participating in other activity that may disrupt other residents and/or interfere with the attempts of others to study.

Quiet hours are in effect at the following times:  11:00 p.m until 9:00a.m. on weekdays (Sundays through Thursday) and 1:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. on weekends (Friday and Saturday).  Quiet hours are in effect at all times during reading days and finals.

In persistent cases, do not hesitate to seek help from your own RA/GA or, if at night or on a weekend from the RA /GA on duty. Please keep in mind that your neighbors may keep different study/sleep hours than you do; so, if you are asked to turn down the volume, please show your neighbors the same courtesy you expect.

Room Reservations

  • All lounges are for the use of students of Fisher Hassenfeld ONLY.
  • Craig 106, Kaiser/Platt (3rd floor Lippincott), Class of '28 Seminar room (2nd floor), Dickey Lounge (’28 third floor) and Spitzer Lounge (2nd Brooks) can be reserved for group study use via the Fisher Hassenfeld web site.
  • The 3rd floor Craig Library and Goldberg Lounge cannot be reserved by students.
  • The lounge may not be reserved or used for group, club or organization meetings.
  • House Staff have priority in room reservations.
  • No lounge may be "commandeered" by a group. Without a reservation, no individual or group may lay claim to a lounge for his/her own personal use to the exclusion of anyone.
  • Please clean up after yourselves. Failure to do so may result in the lounge being locked and/or the loss of reservation privileges.
  • The 3rd floor "library" of Craig is a 24/7 Quiet Area. Group study involving conversation is prohibited in this area. Please see web site for other possible group study areas.
  • The House Dean reserves the right to over-ride reservations for House use. 


Smoking in the buildings is strictly prohibited. Smoking must be done 25 feet away from the building and all butts must be disposed of in a waste receptacle. Those caught throwing a butt on the ground will be fined $50 per butt. Smoking in the upper courtyard is expressly prohibited. Students who smoke any substance in the upper courtyard will be documented and referred to the Conduct Committee.

Trash Disposal

All trash is to be taken to a trash room, not left in the bathroom or in the hallway. Place it in the chute in the trash rooms, not on the ground. Do not leave trash in the hallway even if you plan to take it out when you leave. This creates a tripping hazard during a fire alarm and creates a smell in the hallway. Leaving trash in the bathroom or hallway will result in a $50 fine. Please make sure you recycle as well. Recycling bins can be found in each trash room as well as by the stairs by the Foederer arch.