Fisher Hassenfeld Senior Staff

The Senior Staff consists of University faculty and administrative staff who coordinate the floor advisors and myriad other organizers in Fisher Hassenfeld. They bear the formal responsibility for the smooth operation of Fisher Hassenfeld College House and advocate for the House and its residents with other departments of the University.

Betsy Rymes

Faculty Director

Ebonish Lamar

House Director
Fisher Hassenfeld College House, Class of '87 Room 106

Paul Axelsen

House Fellow

Amalia Dache

House Fellow

Felicia Goodson

House Coordinator (Fisher Hassenfeld College House)
Fisher Hassenfeld College House, Class of '87 Room 105

Brigitte Benecke

House Coordinator (Ware College House)
Ware College House, Bodine 310

Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates

Resident Advisors: RA for short. Undergraduate students selected for their unique qualifications, academic excellence, participation in University and community activities. They stand out in their interest in being leaders in the college house community and offering peer support to their residents. 

Graduate Associates: GA for short. Like an RA but with some extras. The GAs are selected from a variety of graduate programs and as such they bring a slightly different perspective to the College House. Their advanced academic and professional backgrounds enable them to nurture academic and co-curricular interests in the House, with their programming often reflecting their own particular studies. 

Nina Juntereal

Graduate Associate
Lippincott, 1st Floor

Charles Curtis-Thomas

Resident Advisor

Vivian Luong

Resident Advisor
3rd Floor Baird

Marion Standefer

Resident Advisor
Fitler First Floor

Grace Mock

Resident Advisor
Baldwin, McKean 3rd/4th Floor

Latisha Thompson (she/they)

Graduate Associate
100 Foerderer

Inayat Bajwa

Graduate Associate
3rd floor, Lippincott

Kelly "Mac" MacGarrigle

Resident Advisor
Leidy-Brooks 200

Omar France

Graduate Associate

Alfredo Praticò

Resident Advisor
Craig and Class of ‘87 2nd Floor

Sarah Tadlock

Resident Advisor
Brooks 3, Leidy 3/4, Franklin 4

Jessica Valdes

Graduate Associate

Theodore Yuan

Lippincott 400

Imran Idzqandar

Resident Advisor
Baldwin 201

Gabriella Thomas

Resident Advisor
Baldwin 3rd/4th Floor

Pascal Rathle

Graduate Associate
CL 28
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Ginneh Dickenson

Graduate Associate

Teji Wang

Resident Advisor
Class of 28, 4th floor

Gino Bermudez

Graduate Associate
Foerderer, 3rd Floor

Bianca Diaz

Graduate Associate

Daniel Lee

Graduate Associate