Paper Doctor with Prof. Axelsen



The Paper Doctor with Prof. Axelsen will be available tonight from 9-11.  No guarantees, only an offer to help from someone who writes for a living.  Students are welcome to seek assistance with resumes/CVs, application essays, writing seminar assignments, mid/term papers, email, slide presentations, STBX's, letters to home ... most anything except take-home exams. 

Sign up for 20 min slots at:    Be sure to include your email address.  At the time you signed up for, follow this link:

Send me any documents you want to work on by email before your scheduled time:   Please do not send links to Google Docs - everytime we've tried this so far it requires additional emails to issue invitations and establish permissions, so it hasn't been very efficient.

Attached:  Whose team are you on?


Monday March 15th, 2021 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM