Wendy Sun

Residential Advisor
2nd Floor, Fitler - Policy, Politics, and Social Change
Hallo everyone! My name is Wendy, and I am a rising junior studying Digital Media Design in the Engineering School. This is my first year being an RA and I will be a part of the Policy, Politics, and Social Change Residential Program in Fisher. I am really excited to build a community of like-minded, ambitious, and kind-hearted people, and explore the historical and political context this city provides. I am also ready for lots and lots of food. I mean, LOTS.
When I am not head over heels about the best college house aka Fisher, I am also the Chair of a first-year freshman mentoring program called PEER that helps Asian-American freshmen at Penn transitioning to college. I am also a design associate at the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn's student-run newspaper. In addition, I am really passionate about causes related to Asian American activism, standing in solidarity with communities of color, and as a first-gen, low-income college student, providing resources for FGLI-identifying students at Penn. 
I am also an avid lover for all things Game of Thrones and the band Passion Pit. I looove Pixar and Studio Ghibli movies, and of course, the Office. I also consider myself pretty artsy, so I play around with sketches, calligraphy, photography, and making videos! I am the epitome of a mix of Erin from The Office, Leslie from Parks and Rec, and Jess from New Girl. I consider myself an endless ball of energy and love, and I can't wait to meet all of you and start making precious memories with you all!