Teji Wang

Resident Advisor
Class of 28, 4th floor

Hi people! I’m Teji (sounds like the letters TG), and this will be my first year as a Resident Advisor! In addition to identifying as Chinese, I was born and raised in Kuwait, a petite Middle-Eastern country that boasts a diverse population. My experience as a third-culture kid helped me develop an inquisitive nature, which intensifies my love for widening my collection of narratives while similarly expanding my taste palate (quali-tea bonding time featuring boba tea following a rich biryani meal adorned by saffron, anyone?). Furthermore, my identity as an international first-generation student has motivated me to delve into the GIC (Greenfield Intercultural Center) community and other on-campus groups, and I’m enthusiastic about facilitating conversations within FruiTea along with serving on the boards of Penn First and 7|8. Outside of school, I am a person of faith (always open to pray for/with you), a newbie at cooking (please share recipes with me), and a veteran Japanese pop culture enthusiast. Do reach out to me if you want to share your perspective, try out new recipes, or do other virtual activities!