Kelly "Mac" MacGarrigle

Resident Advisor
Leidy-Brooks 200
  • Hey, y'all! My name is Kelly MacGarrigle, but I go by Mac. This year will be my third in Fisher, and my second as an RA, for Leidy-Brooks' second floor. I was born and raised in Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill, and as a result of that, I've loved politics from a young age! I’m a double major - international relations and diplomatic history, with a double minor in German and political science. On-campus, I work with Penn Anti-Violence Education, teaching bystander intervention and serve on the board of the Philomathean Society (the oldest literary society in the US). Outside of school, I’ve worked in Congress, for the UN’s lobbying group, for III Capital Management, the Women in Military Service Foundation (with Arlington Cemetery), and as a ski instructor for five years. In my spare time, I love knitting (I have an Instagram page - @macgarrigle.makes), baking/cooking my family’s recipes, running along the Schuylkill in the morning, reading science fiction and horror novels, learning new languages, watching B99 and MST3K, and making tea. Fun fact - I have over 30 succulents that I’ve grown/inherited/cultivated over the years in my room - if you want a cutting of any of them, just let me know!