Inayat Bajwa

Graduate Associate
3rd floor, Lippincott

Hi! My name is Inayat. I'm a Bioengineering PhD candidate working in an applied biophysics lab. Home for me is Punjab, India, from where I moved to Philly six years ago. I absolutely love Philly and can act as great resource for safely exploring new spots around the city during a pandemic. This will be my fourth year working as a GA and I'm really excited to meet all the new members of the Fisher Hassenfeld family! I'm positive that we can make this academic year a success with lots of happy memories to look back on despite the challenging situation around us. Outside of my research work, you will probably find me trying out interesting cooking/baking recipes, making esspresso drinks, doing yoga, exploring mindfulness or hanging out in the courtyard with a very fluffy one year old pomeranian! I welcome residents to reach out to me not just for my areas of expertise and interests but for any problems/questions/interests you would like to share. I'm always happy to help and enjoy facilitating good conversations. See you all soon!