Imran Idzqandar

Resident Advisor
Baldwin 201

Hi Everyone! I'm Imran. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but spent a couple formative years in Cairo, Egypt. 

I'm a senior studying Behavioral Economics and doing a Masters in Computer and Information Technology (MCIT). I'm interested in the intersection between business and technology, and am passionate about using technology to alleviate and reduce inequalities. I've had the opportunity to work at Adobe as a Solutions Consultant Intern, at the City of Philadelphia as a Data Analyst Intern and the Central Bank of Malaysia as a People Analytics Intern.

At Penn, I'm a Teaching Assistant (TA) for CIS 110. I also take photographs and am the Photography Director at Penn Lens.  Other interests include coffee, Christopher Nolan movies, technology, cars, audiobooks and credit cards. Am happy to chat about being a TA, coding, photography, business and cool technology!