Ali Henry

Graduate Associate
2nd floor class of '28

Ali is brand new to Penn as well! She is working towards her M.S.Ed in Early Elementary and is currently student-teaching in a kindergarten class in Kensignton. She drove all the way here from Califronia (West Coast ayyyee), where she was born and raised. Ali attended UC Berkeley for her undergraduate journey, where she earned a B.A. in Sociology and Education. She is brand new to the East Coast and is not ready for the at all. Ali has been on many solo adventures around the world (Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil and Barbados), and loves going on spontaneous adventures. She hates cooking, so anytime folks wanna explore new places to dine, she will be down!

Ali is someone you can talk to about literally anything, so feel free to swing by her room at anytime (and don't hesitate to bring snacks, cuz she's into that). Ali looks forward to spending this one amazing year at Penn with all of her rezzies, and is super jazzed to share this new experience with everyone!