Kasirer and Platt Lounge




The Kasirer and Platt Lounge is located in Lippincott.

Room Reservations        

  • All lounges are for the use of students of Fisher Hassenfeld ONLY.
  • Craig 106, Kaiser/Platt (3rd floor Lippincott), Class of '28 Seminar room (2nd floor), Dickey Lounge (’28 third floor) and Spitzer Lounge (2nd Brooks) can be reserved for group study use via the Fisher Hassenfeld web site.
  • The 3rd floor Craig Library and Goldberg Lounge cannot be reserved by students.
  • The lounge may not be reserved or used for group, club or organization meetings.
  • House Staff have priority in room reservations.
  • No lounge may be "commandeered" by a group. Without a reservation, no individual or group may lay claim to a lounge for his/her own personal use to the exclusion of  anyone.
  • Please clean up after yourselves. Failure to do so may result in the lounge being locked and/or the loss of reservation privileges.
  • The 3rd floor "library" of Craig is a 24/7 Quiet Area. Group study involving conversation is prohibited in this area. Please see web site for other possible group study areas.
  • The House Dean reserves the right to over-ride reservations for House use.