Scientific Adventures

This program for freshmen science students is led by Dr. Paul Axelsen, a professor of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine and a College House Fellow in Fisher-Hassenfeld.  Under Dr. Axelsen's guidance, program participants will find a mutually supportive group that shares an interest in gaining experience in one of the many cutting-edge biomedical research laboratories on campus.  Activities include regular meetings, interactive sessions about how to prepare a CV and identify undergraduate research opportunities, speakers, science film nights, and “field” trips to laboratories in Penn’s School of Medicine.  Program participants should expect to identify suitable research opportunities during the academic year, and plan to begin working in a lab during the summer following their freshman year.

Program Goals: This program will provide students with an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of academic biomedical research, and to the research opportunities available to undergraduates at Penn, as they plan for their summer laboratory experience.

Requirements: Students should be incoming freshmen or transfer students in the School of Arts and Sciences, interested in pursuing a science major, and prepared to remain on campus during the summer after their freshman year to begin their laboratory experience.

Contact: Professor Paul H. Axelsen MD, Fisher Hassenfeld College House Fellow, (link sends e-mail)
To Apply to this Program:
Submit an online housing application and list this program as one of your top two choices.  You're required to submit an essay as part of the Program Community application process. Follow the essay prompt as indicated in the application.
The essay questions are: 1) Describe your experience in science, your long terms plans, and your motivation for joining the program.
You can also visit the Program Communities page for additional information.